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"Simply stated, there is no doubt that Saddam Hussein now has weapons of mass destruction." —Dick Cheney, Vice President's Speech to VFW National Convention 8/26/2002

"We know where they are. They're in the area around Tikrit and Baghdad and East, West, South and North somewhat." —Donald Rumsfeld, Secretary of Defense in an ABC Interview 3/30/2003


JIm said...

The Surge which Obama opposed, has led to a Shia Sunni Democracy in the heart of the Middle East. Repercussions of that democracy have rumbled through Lebanon and Iran no thanks to Obama and the Democrats opposition. The Obamasiah continues to show his ineptness and anti Democracy leanings by being painfully slow to condem Iran for killing it's own people but rushing to the defense of the leftist thug president of Honduras who attempted to subvert their Constitution and defy their Supreme Court. Not pretty!!!

Obama: Iraq Surge Has Hurt American Interests
By GLEN JOHNSON, Associated Press | July 15, 2008

"In an interview with ABC's Terry Moran, Obama — who initially opposed the surge of troops in the war torn country in January 2007 — said he would still oppose the policy, even though it has been credited with curbing violence."

Butch in Waukegan said...

Always the firstest with the leastest, I guess the Master of Changing the Subject doesn’t care that our political leadership, republicans and democrats, lied us into a devastating war. To him it is a Glorious Battle for Civilization.

I am sure the little corporal of the Fighting Keyboardist Brigade, Colorado Division, will march his children down to the recruiting station to enlist the day they become eligible. Or maybe not. Like Cheney, they will have “other priorities.” With no skin in the game it’s easy for guys like this to send other people’s kids to fight and die and kill.

A niece and nephew (brother and sister) of the love of my life will be stationed in Iraq in a couple of months. I’ve known them since they were youngsters. Smart, poor and brown, like many others they saw their enlistment as a way of advancement. Will they return safely, will their experiences damage them in all the ways war does, are questions that worry us all.

The undeniable truth is the war machine spits out lie after lie to support and justify its existence, not caring about our soldiers. They’re heroes for a short time, and then they are thrown away.

Don’t worry about Obama, corporal. He’s proving he’s got the ‘nads by invading the Graveyard of Empires. The Glorious War continues, along with the lies. There are still great opportunities for you and your pudgy neocon friends to cheerlead from your couch while others die.

JIm said...

My complements on your amusing vindictiveness and disdain. I suspect your facility with hate and disdain compensates for your obvious weakness in reasoning. For the record I am neither small or a corporal. I have recently leaned toward pudginess but am working on that at the gym. I hope to have my boyish figure back by ski season.
I attempted to join the military in 1962, but was turned down for health reasons. Two of my three brothers served. On my wife's side, her uncle was pulled from the Battle of The Bulge a'la Private Ryan. Two of his brothers were killed in the Pacific. One survived Bataan but died a month before the war ended. The other was a pilot, whose transport plane on which he was a passenger was lost at sea. My two older sons never showed any interest in the military. My youngest son James who is fifteen has shown some interest. I would love to see him in OCS. We shall see.

I offer my respect and thanks to your niece and nephew. Freedom is not free, and we owe them and their comrades a great debt of gratitude.

Butch, you obviously believe that people who have not served in the military should not opine on things military. In fact they are Chicken Hawks as Michael likes to say. By that reasoning, Clinton and Obama are Chicken Hawks who sent and send our forces into harms way without having served themselves. Of course George W. is not a Chicken Hawk since he served as a pilot in the reserves. Liberals who suffer from "Bush Derangement Syndrome" denigrate that service. But, that is to be expected since they denigrate many things uniquely American like the Constitution and Capitalism and “Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness”.

JIm said...

Saddam obviously underestimated George W and the Congress in post 9/11 America. The Axis of Evil has no worries in Obama's America.

"Saddam Hussein let the world believe Iraq had weapons of mass destruction because he did not want to appear weak to Iran, according to the Washington Post.

In interviews with the FBI before he was hanged, the former Iraqi president also denounced Usama bin Laden as "a zealot" and said the United States was not Iraq's enemy, the Post reports.

In fact, he claimed, he felt so vulnerable to the threat from "fanatic" leaders in Tehran that he would have been prepared to seek a "security agreement with the United States to protect [Iraq] from threats in the region," according to declassified accounts of the interviews released on Wednesday

The Kid said...

Jon Stewart (as always) nailed it with his response to our assertions that Saddam had the bomb: "We know he does - we have the receipt right here!"

Lally said...

Hey Kid, great quote from Stewart. I didn't know that one, but it's perfect.

JIm said...

Liberals seem to rarely get any or most of the facts. Their humor depends on an overabundance of snide.
Many nations were complicit including Russia, Germany, France and to some extant the US.

New evidence proves that Saddam Hussein has continued his efforts to assemble an arsenal of weapons of mass destruction. Special report by Peter Beaumont in London and Nick Paton Walsh in Moscow

Peter Beaumont in London and Nick Paton Walsh in Moscow
• The Observer, Sunday 22 September 2002

Building Saddam Hussein's Bomb
by Gary Milhollin
The New York Times Magazine
March 8, 1992, p. 30

But the scientists and managers from Badr had different orders from Iraqi president Saddam Hussein. What they have been up to goes to the heart of US and UK concern that Saddam has been trying to assemble the expertise and materials to build weapons of mass destruction, for the men from Badr turned up at a factory in Minsk in the former Soviet republic of Belarus.The Iraqi delegation that arrived at the Belstroyimpex headquarters in July 1995 was a high-powered one, travelling under the aegis of the Badr General Establishment.
Assuming the United Nations does manage to eradicate Iraq's nuclear, chemical and missile programs, it still faces the problem of preventing Baghdad from starting over. One solution is to expose Iraq's supplier network, which is still intact. The United Nations has compiled lists of the companies in the network and what they sold, but it has furnished them only to the involved governments. The United States is reported to favor making the lists public, but Germany and France are said to be resisting.
Another way to defeat the network is to toughen export laws. Most of what Saddam bought was licensed. Governments knew he was getting dangerous equipment but hated to see their companies lose a sale. The resulting debacle should have taught the world a lesson, but Western export controls are no stronger now than they were before the gulf war. In fact, with the end of the cold war, the NATO countries and the European Community have been easing export controls.
The outcome in Iraq is now in the hands of President Bush and his gulf war allies. If they are willing to turn the United Nations into a vehicle for curbing the spread of the bomb, the battle in Iraq can still be won. If not, Iraq's bomb makers will pick up where they left off, and the new world order will fail its first important test.

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