Saturday, July 18, 2009


Anyone see the hour long interview [more like a conversation] Alec Baldwin did with Gene Wilder on Turner Classic Movies?

One of the best I've ever seen, in terms of understanding movie making from an actor's perspective.

If you love Wilder, which I do (I mean his work in movies since I never met him), you'll love this.

Or if you're just a movie lover like me, you'll love the insights into movie making and movie acting this interview reveals (just Wilder's explanation of his interpretation of Willie Wonka is worth it).

I hope TCM plans on having more like it, either with Alec doing them all, or pairing some other unlikely but surprisingly compatible actors—or directors, screenwriters and others who contribute to the making of a movie.

If you get TCM and they show it again, don't miss it.

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