Monday, July 13, 2009


Okay so now, as demonstrated by the main "troll" on this sight, but elsewhere in the media like FOX etc., and from some Rightwing Senators and Representatives comes this idea that because Obama hasn't totally solved the economic mess and the 2 wars he inherited, he's a failure.

Interestingly, when the previous administration came in and the economy tanked for a while, the same rightwing mouthpieces and their dittoheads blamed it on Clinton, whose administration presided over the most prosperous and peaceful period in our history.

But the same rightwing propagandists tried to get people to believe that Clinton's success was merely the result of what Reagan and Bush Sr. created!

So they want it both ways.

The fact that the previous administration created the worst economic catastrophe WORLDWIDE, not just here, since The Great Depression, which was also caused by a Republican administration refusing to regulate the banks and corporations and other aspects of the financial system and Obama stopped that from going over the cliff, is ignored. (And by the way every economist I read or heard speak predictred, as did Obama, that the unemployment rate would go up because that's what it does after an economic catastrophe, it lags behind the other economic indicators, which it is doing, so thus far, it's true to historic financial crises, including those overseen and/or created by Republicans (which means most of them for that matter).

And those who refute most economists who say this is the worst financial crisis since The Great Depression, cannot refute that statistically its the worst at least since the one that occurred on Reagan's watch, another Republican administration!

They use the same double standard for everything. When Rush Limbaugh calls Chelsea Clinton "the White House dog" when she was a child and her father was president, and the entire rightwing propaganda arm accuses Chelsea's parents of murdering their best friend (Vince Foster) etc. That's okay. But when Sarah Palin tries to submit her lifestyle as better than those of us who don't believe abstinence is the only answer to teen pregnancy and then her teen gets pregnant, and the media give that attention, then poor Sarah is the victim of the media and has to quit being governor because....whatever.

It's all so desperate and confined to such a small minority now that it shouldn't even distract the rest of us from what needs to be done, but unfortunately they garner an inordinate amount of attention in the media (just look at their objection to Obama's Supreme Court pick, who unlike Roberts and Alito, the last administration's choices, has a record as a judge who has sometimes sided with corporations and the government versus citizens and consumers and sometimes vice versa, as opposed to Roberts and Alito who have almost one hundred percent sided with the government against citizens and with corporations against consumers, etc.).

And the rancor and vitriol they spout (look at this blog's "troll"—that's an internet term not mine—now accusing Supreme Court Justice Ginsberg of supporting eugenics and in fact saying most "liberals" and Democrats do, and that it was a "liberal" idea! Oh, I forgot what a "Liberal" Hitler was. Now I get it. NOT!).

The history of the rightwing is to support power over the vulnerable, economic greed over the needy, aggression over diplomacy, shouting and repeated lies over reasoned discussion and logic.

But like a husband who's a batterer, Democrats and many citizens are so traumatized by their brutal tactics (if you don't support their perspective you're a traitor or want to commit genocide or etc. and you can be thrown in jail or at least wiretapped etc.) they either continue to submit to them and give in, or they want to run and hide and avoid the whole issue.

No can do. Time to stand up and put them in their place. That's what the majority voted for. And even if they didn't, basic decency demands it.

[check this out for support of aspects of my argument, thanks to Alameda Tom for the link at his BIRTH OF THE COOL blog]


JIm said...

The great economic recession that we are currently in, had its beginnings in the Carter Administration with the govt. push to have mortgages go to individuals who might not be able to make the payments. Expansion of banks that did not make those loans was blocked under the Clinton administration. ACORN was the organization who harassed bankers at their homes in order to intimidate them into making those loans. Barney Frank and Chris Dodd among others blocked reforms offered by George W. and Greenspan of Government Sponsored agencies who were leveraged 100: 1. The mortgages were securitized by Wall Street with the encouragement of congress. Interest rates or home values only had to deteriate 1% for those loans to be underwater. George W. and Greenspan should have been more vocal and used the bully pulpit against Frank, Dodd, GNMA, FNMAE etc. There are some economists that partially blame Greenspan for his FED management of interest rates also.

Ginsburg said that she understood that Roe v Wade was passed in order to control and limit the growth of undesirable populations. That is eugenics. She supported Roe v Wade. This implies that she supports eugenics. If she meant something different, she should clarify. She has not as of yet.

President Reagan inherited the Carter Malaise of stagflation with interest rates and inflation sky high. There were many reasons for the Carter Malaise with causes reaching back to Johnson, Nixon and the Great Society. Details are available upon request. Reagan continued with Paul Volker’s push begun under Carter to control inflation. The Reagan tax cuts ignited an economic and stock market boom that continued, with normal hiccups, through to the Tech Wreck and 9/11. George W’s tax cuts helped pull us out of the recession that began in 2000. The economy expanded until the housing and mortgage meltdown.

Mike, you got one thing right. Employment is a lagging indicator. However Obamanomics war on business is not likely to produce good results if history is an indicator.

Tradebum said...

The great economic crisis we're in was and still is caused by sheer GREED. And plenty of past president's and Congress' have all done their share. But the real culprits are capitalists who think it is plausible to make 600m a year (GS Blankfein's salary and bonus 2007). We see $ before our eyes and everyone says, it's ok, gee wish it were me. Well we're all SUBPRIME now baby!
And just for the record, I am a capitalist, though not assss...greedy, if you read Hedrick Smith's the Power Game and Stewart's, The Den of Thieves, you will see that it was the development of the CDO in the 80's (while Reagan was President) that created today's mess, and the subsequent 87' Crash that has never been put to rest. I'll say one thing though, Wall Street sure is creative, ain't they?
Always blaming the po white trash and the poor people, SHAME on you. Get you facts right. Carter and Acorn and subprime were small in comparison to what these gangsters have done.

Anonymous said...

PS: and Dodd and Frank and Summers and Rubin
AND Gramm and Paulson and Bush and DeLay and Snow and Geithner (yes he's a pubby) and most of all GREENSPAN

Lally said...

I totally agree the banks and many of their CEOs and those trying to become them are greedy and oblivious to the actual needs and welfare of the rest of us. And I don't like all the guys Obama has chosen to work on these problems and their Wall Street pasts and connections. My interpretation is that he knew he couldn't make anything happen without some sort of insider cooperation and better to have insiders on your team than pull a Jimmy Carter and bring in all new people and have them be outsmarted and outmaneuvered by the political or in this case financial veterans. But he's (O) not doing enough to ride herd on them and should be listening to Volker (sp?) who's an old style Republican and has said much more needs to be done to reign them in etc. The issue, as always, is working toward the ideal but dealing with the real possibilities in real time as you do. I truly believe giant steps have been taken across the board at replacing people and policies that were responsible for the previous administration's destruction of much that made this country pretty great. But we're talking thousands and thousands of policies and even more people. It ain't gonna happen overnight or even in several months. (this is as much a response to Butch in a previous post's comments as it is to say mostly ditto to Tradebum

JIm said...

Finally there is something we agree on. Volker has been through this before with a Democrat and a Republican president. He made America take the bitter medicine to rein in the great inflation of that time. I suspect he is chagrined at the anti business high tax attitude of the current government. Volker is a grown up amongst many out of control socialists. It is a shame that Obama has shunted him aside.

"But he's (O) not doing enough to ride herd on them and should be listening to Volker (sp?) who's an old style Republican and has said much more needs to be done to reign..."

Unknown said...

Here we go with Acorn again! I can't, for the life of me, understand how a community based organization like this has become such a sinister menace in the fevered minds of the scared-shitless republican base. I would like to (figuratively) strangle the Republican strategists that decided to use Acorn as a strawman villain. Jim's not the only person who has fallen for this cannard. I have an elder aunt who is convinced that Acorn has taken over the Census Bureau and is gathering information on all of us to be used when they round us all up and take our guns!
When I ask her how she feels about all of our phone calls being intercepted by the government, or all of our e-mails being data-mined, her face just goes blank. Because Rush and Hannity told her it was OK.
I'm sick and tired of these Republican strategists scaring gullible people.

JIm said...

You should listen to your Aunt. She sounds like a wise, I assume, Irish women.

More federal funding for ACORN despite indictments
By: Examiner Editorial
May 24, 2009
Under the guise of due process concerns, congressional Democrats have opened the way for organizations with criminal histories to gain greater access to taxpayer funds. Exhibit A here is the Association of Community Organizers for Reform Now (ACORN), now under investigation in at least 14 states for voter registration fraud.

Earlier this month, House Financial Services Committee Chairman Rep. Barney Frank, D-MA, sponsored an amendment to the $140 million Mortgage Reform and Anti-Predatory Lending Act. The Frank measure allowed organizations being investigated by state or federal authorities on corruption charges to receive federal funds as long as they avoid conviction. Frank argued that his amendment, which was approved by the House, protected the presumption of innocence in federal spending.

Unknown said...

Acorn was a group that nobody knew about, and nobody talked about until Obama was nominated. Now they're a huge criminal conspiracy in the minds of the wingnuts.

The only victim of the "Voter Registration Fraud" was Acorn itself. People were being paid, by Acorn, to register voters. They filled out phony registration forms, and hit Acorn up for unearned cash. Yes, they're inept to a point of being criminal. But they're not plotting to take over the world. Trust me on this one.

It hasn't been shown, in any of these cases, that anyone over-voted because of the actions of these registration workers. In other words, Mickey Mouse may have been registered, but he didn't show up to vote.

And yes, I'm still furious at the slick Republicans who have frightened you and people like you so much.

JIm said...


I am not frightened but I am angry that tax dollars are going to a criminal enterprise that does damage to the sanctity of the vote. It is an organization that uses intimidation and voter fraud in an attempt to elect Democrats. Why the hell should tax dollars go to any political advocate organization, much less a criminal one.

Unknown said...

So I guess you're angry at the Young Republicans as well. Hmm. I wonder why the Young Republicans' voter fraud didn't get as much ink as Acorn's registration fraud?

JIm said...

I am angry at any voter fraud. If the fraud is by either Republican or a Democrat, I believe the penalty should be severe. I would be in favor of extended prison sentences and very heavy cash penalties for the individual and the sponsoring organization.