Friday, January 22, 2010


And I'm wiped out. Spending yesterday rearranging books (there's still piles on the floor around my apartment yet to be dealt with, but oh the pleasure of picking up and handling a much loved tome and maybe reading a poem or some lines from one I forgot and all the memories and sensations rushing back of purely "artistic" pleasure, though as sensual and soul satisfying as any other kind) and this blog page (adding images of some of my books to the right etc.).

And then today spending time at a framer's trying to choose frames and mattes or not etc. for a few pieces I'd been meaning to get off the piles in my little alcove office and behind glass to keep them from getting any more browned by the sun and the air or stained from accidents etc.

Pushing my independence and relishing it, I mean in terms of my recovery, maybe a little too much of a cognitive workout. Found my brain turning off somewhere halfway through the frame(s)-decision(s) session (after having driven right past the place initially, though I knew exactly where it was etc. but couldn't remember suddenly).

So, a more restful and less brain busy weekend is my intention. But not too restful.


Elisabeth said...

I know that feeling when enough is enough. I'm about there myself now.

It's late and I've yet to walk the dog, but I do love to read about your ongoing recovery. It's wonderful to read about such progress.

Toby T. said...

Trust me, Michael. Your brain is working about twice as effectively as most of ours.

Lally said...

Elisabeth and Toby, I hear ya. I try to explain what it feels like a little more in the next post.

Lally said...

And Toby, I also meant to say thank you for that very flattering compliment. And I do feel like the old brain is functioning at a pretty high level that I am greatful for as well. But there are these little glitches and misfirings and total blankouts that do feel different and intrigue me. (woops, I corrected all the mistypings in this comment but leave the "greatful" one for its kind of classic unintentional pun).