Wednesday, February 24, 2010


I can't tell you how much pleasure being able to read again and listen to music I love and watch movies that have layers of subtleties and complex plots means to me, even though when I couldn't do those things only weeks ago I totally accepted the possibility that I might never.

But just to clarify. I still tire more easily, become anxious when there's too many demands on my attention, like a ringing cell phone when I'm already busy talking on the land line or to someone in person, etc., and when tired find it almost impossible to write, which pre-brain surgery I almost never tired of (as I've written on this blog I sometimes would start writing in the morning and not realize the day was over until I looked up and saw it was dark out), etc.

And some things just don't appeal to me anymore, some music, some writing, some kinds of conversations, etc. There's other changes too, some too seemingly minor for anyone else to notice, but I am an observer, including of myself, and it interests me no matter how small the changes are.

Which I meant to list some more of, but it's late and I'm tired and I forgot what I started out to relate, so as an example of my new mind's working, or my old mind's new workings, I'll just stop.

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Elisabeth said...

There is a pleasure in reading and listening and viewing that I could not imagine being without. I'm glad it's all coming back for you too, Michael.

By the way, I checked out some of your poems from the side bar.

One day when I'm less tired I'll do more than just acknowledge them. For now it has to be enough to tell you that I thoroughly enjoyed them.