Thursday, February 4, 2010


"I have seen paper cut-outs that were finer art than piles of precious metals" —David Smith

[PS: Another Smith quote I dig but have never written down before (like the one above): "I never intend a day to pass without asserting my identity; my work records my existence."]


Elisabeth said...

A wonderful quote here, Michael. It reaffirms our need to write.

Lally said...

E., exactly, or vice versa. Not to imply that family and loved ones and many other pursuits and dailinesses aren't crucial to identity or that selflessness isn't a worthy spiritual goal etc., but...the work we do out of the depths of our sense of life's fleetingness and the necessity of bearing witness to the time we have and the individual perspective we bring to the whole picture is, in my experience, a key element of any fulfillment we might feel about having once passed this way.