Friday, February 12, 2010


Today's thirteen weeks since brain surgery, and I still have no inclination to write the lists that crowded my head and writing (and this blog) in one way or another throughout my life.

But last night in thinking about that before I fell asleep, I decided I'd try a very simple list, not anything too challenging in terms of alphabets or triplets etc. I thought it's time I commented on the passing of a decade, something I was still too deep into recovering from the operation to take much note of at the end of last year. So here's one perspective on that decade:

1. In 2000, Al Gore has been writing and speaking out about the degradation of the environment and its consequences for many many years. The rightists and the main stream media not only make fun of him for this "tree hugging" (and his "stiffness") in this election year, but also for his constant harping in speeches and debates about putting Social Security into a "lockbox" so that politicians (mostly Republican) in Congress can no longer raid the Social Security fund to pay for their pet projects, and thus Social Security will remain solvent.

2. In November Gore is elected president of the United States by popular vote. He also wins the electoral vote according to all exit polls, which up until this election have always been accurate. But after a call from George W. Bush to his brother Jeb, the governor of Florida, that state suddenly recounts its votes and declares Bush the winner.

3. The conflict over Florida's electoral votes goes to the courts and eventually the Florida Supreme Court approves a recount. The Bush machine contests this every step of the way, ultimately convincing the U.S. Supreme Court's right-leaning wing to vote a precedent (that they write in their ruling should never be followed again!), that despite this same wing of the Supreme Court's (and the right in general) arguments for the power of individual states to define their own laws, and despite their arguments against so-called "liberal" judges for "interpreting" the Constitution rather than just applying it, this Republican dominated court rules against the will of the people as expressed in the popular vote, and against the Constitution in terms of the rights of states among other things, and against the state of Florida to hold a recount etc. and CHOOSES Bush as president.

4. Bush chooses to ignore warnings from the outgoing Clinton/Gore administration that Al Queda is the number one security threat and should be monitored closely as they're planning attacks on the U.S. (When Clinton tried to kill Osama Bin Laden by bombing his operations in Afghanistan the right and its Republican politicians overwhelmed the media with their claim that Clinton's attempts to protect the security of the U.S. from Bin Laden was just a way to distract the media from the more important matter of whether he lied about an affair.)

5. Bush takes the longest vacation (the entire month of August) of any president since before the Great Depression. A few days after he returns to Washington it, and New York, are attacked by agents working for Bin Laden and Al Queda. Almost 3000 people are killed and the twin towers are destroyed.

6. Bush inherited the largest surplus in history for the U. S. Treasury, but in his first year the largest bankruptcy in U.S. history to that date is a warning sign about the negative effects of deregulation. The bankrupt company, Enron, was led by a close Bush friend and supporter. Bush's solution to this problem: the placement of rightwing appointees in government regulatory agencies who see that corporations aren't regulated even when required by law. And a tax cut for the rich.

7. The terrorist attack on 9/11 is carried out by men from Saudi Arabia under the direction of the Saudi exile Osama Bin Laden. But the Saudi ruling family has had close tie with the Bush family for many decades, both benefiting from the relationship including from oil profits etc. So the Bush/Cheney administration ignores the Saudi support of militant jihadist training and the spread of its ideology through Saudi supported schools and organizations throughout the Middle East and instead decides to invade Iraq, a plan drawn up before the Bush/Cheney machine even entered the White House and well before 9/11, even though Sadam Hussein despises Bin Laden and the religiously based militant jihadist movement and rules over one of the most secular societies in the Middle East. But Hussein has oil reserves coveted by Bush/Cheney and has been a thorn in Bush Jr's, side ever since Bush Sr. decided it was too risky to invade Iraq and depose Hussein after the first Gulf War.

8. In March of 2003, the Bush/Cheney machine ignores reports they requested from their own intelligence agencies, including military intelligence, that said Iraq has no weapons of mass destruction nor was it involved in 9/11 nor would U.S troops be welcome nor would the limited amount of troops Donald Rumsfeld requested be enough. The media ignores all this and reports the invasion in the terms Bush/Cheney dictate, with only a few exceptions.

9. On the eve of the invasion I read a long poem at a reading to protest the invasion. The poem, MARCH 18, 2003, includes information from the limited sources covering the reality of the the invasion of Afghanistan. In it I recount stories of torture in that country by American troops, connect the impending invasion of Iraq to family and political interests of the Bushes, predict some outcomes that in time come true. But many in the audiences I read this poem to over the coming months dispute my allegations, unable to believe that U.S. troops would torture, in some instances to death, anyone, or that Bush/Cheney would lie about the evidence for weapons of mass destruction or Iraqi connections to 9/11.

10. While the people of Iraq and some of their most successful and prestigious institutions (like museums etc.) are left to suffer death and destruction, the Bush/Cheney machine makes certain all Iraqi Oil facilities get the protection of the U. S. military.

11. Bush declares "Mission Accomplished" in Iraq.

12. in 2004 the U.S. troop death toll in Iraq hits 1,000, but there's no accounting for the deaths of Iraqis caught in the conflict nor of all the "contractors" used by the Bush/Cheney administration, making this the first U.S. war in modern times to employ large numbers of mercenaries, as well as secret budgets, and political appointees running the war who have no experience with either the military or the nation-building aspects and ignore military advice, including disbanding the Iraqi military leaving unemployed military-trained men with nothing to do except resent the presence of foreign troops in their homeland.

13. The invasion of Iraq increases recruiting for Al Queda and therefore attacks against U.S. troops as well as U.S. allies (terrorist train bombing in Madrid claims close to 200).

13. In 2005 the U.S. military death toll passes 2000. The terrorists numbers increase and suicide bombers attack London subways and a bus killing over 50.

14. Hurricane Katrina mostly misses New Orleans and leaves the city feeling lucky, until the levees break, levees the federal government had been warned wouldn't hold. Over 1,500 people die and many are left stranded and eventually homeless.

15. After surveying from a plane one of the worst man-made disasters in U. S. history (man made because it was the faulty levees not the hurricane that caused the damage and loss of lives), ignoring the devastation and still suffering survivors getting no help from the government, Bush tells his man in charge of disasters "Heck of a job"—heck of a job indeed.

[to be cont'd]


Harryn Studios said...

so far so good - i wanted more, but i'll wait ...
i guess the troll will show up as soon as he pours through the Limbaugh Archives ...

JIm said...

You, spout a fine example of liberal idiocy. Let me attempt to be brief.

The Constitution dictates that the Electoral College elects our president. Our Founders established a Republic not an unbridled democracy. Thomas Jefferson and George Bush both lost the popular vote. That loss did not make them any less, a lawful president. Numerous recounts by many news organizations came up with the same result. George Bush was lawfully elected president.

Al Gore has put forth at the very least a flawed theory. Recent revelations in the “Warmist” scientific community have revealed fraudulent science which was the basis for Gore’s and the UN Climate theory.

Gore’s famous SS lock box never existed. Both parties have looted SS. Bush attempted to put SS on sound economic foundation by phasing in a partial private funding. Neither party supported it. Republicans Ryan and Gingrich both have viable plans to save the system and country from bankruptcy.

George Bush, the UN, Democrats, Clinton all believed Saddam had WMD. There is a good reason that they would believe that. Saddam purposely decieved the world that he had them, in order to maintain the fear that neighboring nations had for him. This was revealed in FBI interrogations of Saddam.

Katrina, the Post Office, the impending bankruptcy of Medicare and SS are fine examples of the competency of government at work. With this as an example, liberals/socialist/Marists want to entrust the US medical system to government. No wonder, VA, NJ and MA voted Republican. Control of the congress may be within reach because Obama’s Big Government overreach. I am proud of the Tea Party movement of which I am a part.

Anonymous said...

Dear M:
Great summary of the disastrous right-wing reign of the Bush-Cheney crime family. It's just a shame that these people (along with Rice, Rumsfeld, Rove, et al.) have not been prosecuted for their criminal and deeply un-American activities. Maybe some day.

JIm said...

AG Holder is going after CIA agents for performing their duties and interrogating Al Quaida thugs. CIA folks have had to concentrate on lawyering up rather than stopping Jihadist threats. I would think that America's first anti American president will focus on Bush Cheney soon, if only to distract voters from his disasterous war on the American job creating free enterprise system.

Robert G. Zuckerman said...

Michael, you haven't lost a beat, in fact, your perceptions are stronger and more right on than ever. I think I may have been present at your reading of March 18.

Jim, your strongly held viewpoint, which you support with selective interpretations of data that suit you, is within your right to hold. However, you lose me when you refer to President Obama as anti-American. America is not about guns, deregulation, or "us and them" fear-based isolationism. America is about excellence, humanity, inclusion and respect. With all due respect, your notion of America is arcane and is what got us into trouble in the first place. President Obama is far more American than his predecessor and exemplifies the core principles of our founders, including "all men are created equal." As for your position on electoral college, it is still based on popular vote, "of the people, for the people and by the people", including health care, shelter and food for all. In my personal life experience, I have forged many lasting friendships, and have transformed many potential conflicts and animosities, by listening to, heeding, understanding and respecting what the other person has to say. Several years ago I had words with the owner of a computer repair store who misled and overcharged me for adding memory to my laptop. Our exchange was heated. I grabbed my computer and left in a huff. That night I called his store and left a message: "I still don't approve of what you did, you didn't take the high road in dealing with me, but I feel bad about yelling at you and for this, I apologize." The following day he left me a message, almost in tears: "You shouldn't be apologizing to me, I should be apologizing to you! From now on, when you come into my store, you will not be a customer, you will be my friend. I will credit you for overcharing." Even two years after this he told me, "I still have your message. I play it for my children. I learned such a lesson from this, I wish I had learned it twenty years ago."

I close for now with this thought, from Thich Naht Hanh: "In order for things to reveal themselves to us, we need to be ready to abandon our views about them."

With care,

Robert Zuckerman

JIm said...

Hi Robert,
You express lovely thoughts. My view of President Obama comes from his view of America in his biography and particuarly in his speeches abroad. I am unaware of any American President who thought so little of America.