Wednesday, December 22, 2010


I have to tip my hat to my great old friend known as "Alameda Tom" in his comments on this blog. His posts on his own blog have been defending Obama's intentions and accomplishments even in those moments when most leftists, let alone even centrist Democrats, were seemingly giving up on the president.

But today, it's impossible for even the easily-manipulated-by-the-right mass media to ignore, with the passing of a bill to help the 9/11 responders (and Jon Stewart's deft exposure of rightwing Republicans' hypocrisy on this not only influenced the outcome but is ripe for more parody since the same rightwingers who opposed the bill are now claiming they supported it all along!) and the new START treaty, that Republicans said they would not support, and most importantly from the milestone perspective, the ending of the ban on openly gay and lesbian men and women serving in the military.

Watching the president's speech before signing the legislature that ended the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy I was moved to tears as I had been when Obama first came on the scene and during his campaign a few times and when he won the presidency. His passion came across as not only genuine but personally motivated. Something that had been missing too often in the past year it seemed to me.

Not only was it a great day, but it caps a pretty amazing first two years in office, where more legislation got passed that will help more people than has happened possibly since FDR and certainly since LBJ and his few years that brought us Civil Rights legislation like the Voting Rights Bill and Medicare.

There were compromises made, but in the end, a lot of good things have happened under Obama, many of them things he had promised to accomplish. So let's give credit where credit is due and acknowledge that in fact he has brought about some major and fundamental changes in two short years, and that the "hopey changey thing" is working out just fine, if you're a taxpayer, need healthcare, worked for GM, invested in the stock market, were a 9/11 first responder, are gay or lesbian and want to serve your country in the military, believe that we need to get nuclear inspectors into Russia's nuclear facilities, wanted to see U.S. military engagement mostly eliminated from Iraq and troops drawn down, and more I can think of off the top of my head but I'm sure there's lists on other sites.

All in all an amazing record and especially today. Thank you Mister President.


Jamie Rose said...

Yea baby!


JIm said...

At least we were spared "Cap and Trade". By the way have the parrots flown south yet? Florida may not be far enough south this year.

JIm said...

START Treaty

It still must be ratified by the Russian legislature, which could be a problem. There is a fundamental difference of opinion which is evident in the different understanding of what is permissable in the area of defensive missle technology. This difference is highlighted in the Preamble to the treaty and in Obama's letter to the senate, assuring them that the US is not inhibited in the expansion of defensive missle technology.

-K- said...

I don't like to leave "cut & paste" comments but I'm a little pressed for time today. I think Andrew Sullivan's recap of the first two years says it nicely:

The results after two years: universal health insurance, the rescue of Detroit, the avoidance of a Second Great Depression, big gains in private sector growth and productivity, three stimulus packages (if you count QE2), big public investments in transport and green infrastructure, the near-complete isolation of Iran, the very public exposure of Israeli intransigence and extremism, a reset with Russia (plus a new START), big drops in illegal immigration and major gains in enforcement, a South Korea free trade pact, the end of torture, and a debt commission that has put fiscal reform squarely back on the national agenda. Oh, and of yesterday, the signature civil rights achievement of ending the military's ban on openly gay servicemembers.

AlamedaTom said...

Lal: Thanks for the props. K, thanks for the Andrew Sullivan quote. I've always dug that guy.

~ Willy

JIm said...

The rescue of Detroit was at the expense of the overturning of American bankruptcy laws.
Obamacare is and was healthcare the US did not want and may be reversed with the next congress. The heavy handed financial reform that left the GSEs unaddressed is an obvious failure. You are correct in recognising that Obama is the most anti-Israeli president in history. Jimma Carter looks like a supporter in contrast. As to DADT, the tip of the spear folks may not welcome sexual tension into a already tough enviroment. But, what the hell the Spartans seem to have muddled through.

JIm said...

The Nutcracker and Colorado politics

My wife Loyeen and children James and Shannon and I went to the Nutcracker tonight for the umpteenth time. Tonight was different. Democratic Governor elect John Hickenlooper and outgoing Governor Bill Ritter performed as sherpas in the Arabaic sequence. They were greeted with great applause including from yours truly. I think politics is different in Colorado, as compared to the Boston to Washington Corridor or the Left Coast. People still disagree fundamentally, but do so politely. I have a number of liberal friends in Kiwanis with whom we discuss politics vigorously. They have never called me a racist or a liar. I have called Obamanomics socialist and bad for America but have never impugned the integraty of many misguided friends and relatives who voted for the Obamasiaha.

There is a lot to be said for the heartland.