Thursday, February 10, 2011


Following up on Miles' link to that Shirley Jones and the Dap Tones version of "This Land Is Your Land" here's an acoustic version that illustrates the point I and everyone else was making about NOT "oversouling" ala Christine Aquilero's National Anthem rendition. It starts with some green room chatter, but just wait. [Woops, just caught the mistake above calling Sharon "Shirley Jones" and thought I'd leave it as the kind of mistakes I make regularly (and correct before you see them) since the brain operation, but also because in fact Shirley Jones was a lovely singer who was pitch perfect in hitting notes on the great soundtracks for OKLAHOMA and CAROUSEL. Damn, and I just saw the other obvious error above, "Dap Kings" not "Tones"!]

[PS: In case you had trouble with the link Miles posted, here's another Youtube version of that.]