Friday, February 4, 2011


When the right began attacking Obama on his first day in office (actually it was going on before then, but the "daily message" on target coordinated anti-Obama campaign began that first day in earnest) they immediately blamed him for everything that the previous administration (Bush/Cheney, lest we forget) had caused, especially the disastrous economy.

They blamed him for the stock market's continuing decline in his first months in office, for instance, and the unemployment rate going up (and for the bank bailout even though that initially occurred under Bush/Cheney, and for the auto industry bailout).

What's telling about the right's arguments and attacks is it never has anything to do with reality because, as we have seen, the stock market has not only rebounded robustly and is now ahead of where it was pre-Obama, but have we heard anyone on the right now praise Obama for fixing what they were criticizing him for not fixing? I'm still waiting.

The unemployment rate went down this month and has never reached the heights it did under Ronald Reagan, so the right should be happy about that right? I'm still waiting.

The bailouts turned out to be successful, the American auto industry was saved and with it thousands and thousands of jobs were kept here in the USA instead of going overseas and as with the banks most of the bailout money has been paid back. Any congrats for Obama on that rightwingers? Still waiting.


[Oh, and as for his Obama's critics on the left, they are rightfully dismayed over many Bush/Cheney policies Obama has not been successful in reversing, but he promised to end the war in Iraq and for all intents and purposes the war in Iraq is over for U.S. troops. There is still unfortunately violence there, but U.S. casualties are almost nonexistent, especially compared to where they were when Obama took office. And over half the troops that were there when he came in have been withdrawn and if he keeps his promise the rest will be gone by the end of this year. Any kudos from the left for that yet? Still waiting. And a lot of GBLT folks I know were totally pissed off at Obama when he didn't just write an executive order to get rid of "Don't Ask Don't Tell" but he said his strategy was to get the support of the military first and then get it passed through Congress so it would be much more difficult to attack and repeal, which he has accomplished. Most of these same GBLT folks have yet to tell me they're grateful to Obama for getting something done that no one else seemed able to before him, though I'm sure they are, but how about letting the world know that? Still waiting. And so on.]

[PS: And just to make it clear, there are a host of things I believe Obama could have done and be doing better, but nobody's perfect and he sure beats the alternative(s).]


JIm said...

It might be a bit early for popping corks. The unemployment rate did indeed fall to 9% but the actual number of workers fell from 121,000 in December to 36,000. That is not a number that is enough to keep up with population growth much less inspire confidence. The estimate had been 146,000, so the number was discouraging.

JIm said...
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Lally said...

case closed

Anonymous said...

I am glad the administrator removed the post, and would also like to see the "poster" removed. What a jerk!

JIm said...

Dear Anonymous,
It seems Obama's Tucson " New Civility" speech was lost on you. In fact you have either gone round the bend or you use everday liberalspeak, which is to say you have zero respect, regard or courtesy for a conservative opinion or fact that conflicts with your view of the world.

"Have a nice day". (That is the way many of us speak out here in the heartland.)

Loyeen said...


Since you think all liberals "have zero respect, regard or" (for) "courtesy" does this mean your fair and balanced news station does the same? Glen Beck? What a joke!! Usually the louder talker wins.

AlamedaTom said...

Yes, Lal -- You might as well wait for Godot.

~ Willy

JIm said...

You are right about that my Dear.

JIm said...
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