Friday, December 30, 2011


Got up here this afternoon, to a snow free holiday vista. On the nearby Butternut snow slopes they're making snow to satisfy the skiers and snowboarders. But it's somehow not the same.

2011 had more catastrophic weather events than anytime in our history so far, eleven.

The last record was nine, in 2009.

There is no doubt that the earth is warming and as a result weather patterns are changing and more severe weather is becoming more frequent.

And the greedheads continue to deny, distort, dissemble and destroy. They have to be brought to justice for their crimes.


harryn said...

Greed and selfishness is obviously more powerful than doing what is right.
When the wisest people from all corners of the globe - including those we refer to as primitive cultures - rally in protest to the signs of environmental destruction - and all of this falls on deaf ears of corporate maliciousness and the recently empowered ignorance that supports them, then there is serious lack of consciousness and intelligence.
This inconsideration is nothing short of mass genocide inflicted upon nature - the living and breathing organism that it is. What's worse is that it is premeditated.
Crimes worthy of trial at the Hague ...

-K- said...

Hi Michael - just a quick hello to say how much I've enjoyed your blog this year - the politics, the videos, the movie & tv suggestions, the autobiographical moments, all of it.

And I hope you and all your readers have a very happy and very, very healthy year.


JIm said...

So who is to determine who the "greed heads" are and what their punishment should be?

Lally said...

Thanks Kevin, I appreciate it coming from someone whose own blog is a treasure to me. And, as always, I hear you Paul.