Monday, January 23, 2012


And yay Jersey Jynts.

I finally agree with the governor of my state about something, when he pointed out that the so-called New York Giants practice in New Jersey, play in New Jersey and most of the team lives in New Jersey. As he put it, the only thing New York about the team is the NY on their helmets.

As I've said before, I don't follow sports, but I do live in Jersey so basically can't avoid this one.

As for other Chinese New Year's news, did anyone see where Santorum was asked by a woman at a rally a question in which she referred to our president as a "confirmed Muslim" and he didn't correct her? McCain has proven himself to be a hypocrite and worse, but at least he had the sense and courage to tell a woman at one of his rallies when he was running for president that Obama wasn't a Muslim when she made the same charge.

This incessant rightwing propaganda that relies on either outright lying, misinformation, misdirection, or the sin of omission as the priests used to call it, is, to use a Gingrich word, despicable.

Though he used it against the press, but could just as well have used it to describe a lot if not most of his own behavior over the course of his being in the public eye.

Hope the belief that a dragon year is lucky turns out to be true for all of us.


Robert G. Zuckerman said...

They're all completely classless. Reverting to negative campaigning, that's the lowest of the low, when they can't come up with anything constructive or postive. They want to be called "leaders"? They have no business in such an endeavor. The only thing they can lead is their own b.s. and bile in a circle of ignorance and disgrace. They don't represent me and they don't even represent the lost souls like the woman who called her president a confirmed Muslim. And so what if he is? "Muslim" in and of itself is not bad, in fact, it is as noble a religion as any on the planet.

Ajlounyinjurylaw said...
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