Wednesday, January 4, 2012


Watched a lot of the fallout and analyses from the Iowa caucuses today and this evening and happy Bachmann won't be part of the main story now. But I have to admit, despite the outsized influence money has always had on our elections, maybe never more so than now since the Supreme Court decided corporations are people and money is speech, but nonetheless, I love watching our democracy work during election years even despite the distortions and lying and gaming and framing and overwhelming power of big bucks and their corporate resources etc.

I mean how much fun is it to see Gingrich complain because Romney has used the rightwing dominated Supreme Court decision that allows the wealthy to create commercials supporting their candidate and/or attacking other candidates without disclosing who put the money up. Can you imagine Gingrich complaining about someone else's lies and attacks?! The big self-centered baby is back.

And Santorum posing as an everyman when he supports banning all forms of contraception and outlawing "sodomy" and thus returning to the good old days when you could be imprisoned for having any kind of sex Santorum and his ilk don't sanction! Good lord, what a show this is and will continue to be until November.


Anonymous said...

It's pretty damn sad that we've come to this.
isn't it?

so... get out there and "vote for change" !

Robert Berner said...

Lal--You'd think the Catholic Church would be embarrassed by Santorum's cockamamie beliefs. And I suspect no U.S. bishop would have sanctioned his taking a dead baby home from the hospital and then bringing it back the next morning. That's something straight out of a Crypt of Terror or Vault of Horror comic book from 1953. Imagine what Harvey Kurtzman and Will Elder would have made of it.
Bob B.