Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Obviously Sandy had a lot of people shoveling snow in Western Virginia and other places from its impact. But they didn't then have the wind and water damage we got in this part of the East Coast. While power has been slowly coming back on line in my town and nearby ones, some are now going out again due to this snow storm that has actually accumulated enough to need plowing and shoveling.

First snow storm of the winter and as one of the local weather women said, more like January than early November. Freezing temperatures and several inches of snow in places where there is still no heat and electricity. It's like Jersey and parts of New York and on up the coast are Job being tested.

It was a great victory last night for our president and for Democrats in general. A lot of elation around here. But now we're back in the reality of the impact of global warming with climate change in our laps. Life goes on, much more easily for people like me who have power, all we have to do is some shoveling of heavy wet snow.

I can't imagine how tough it is for some people tonight not very far away from this old house my apartment is in. There's a lot of work needed, and not just rebuilding. I can't help thinking that if the East Coast had the kind of windmill driven energy powering our electric system that we have in other areas and I saw all over Holland and other countries, Sandy not only wouldn't have caused outages, it would have created energy for the entire area and maybe more, keeping the lights and heat on.

Let's hope the decisive victory by Obama will further the return of science to our policies and the return of superstition and myths and made up "facts" to the realm of ancient history where they belong.

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