Thursday, November 29, 2012



Anonymous said...

I love all these quotes, and they nail the Republican Party. I am amazed that Romney actually thought no one would notice that he only submitted two tax returns, and that his running mate was a complete fool.

Lally said...

Unfortunately there's too many who didn't notice and aren't noticing now that the same Republicans are refusing to extend the tax cuts for everyone except the wealthiest among us and defining that option as the president not offering a plan, etc.

Lally said...

My old friend Bob Berner had trouble posting a comment (Google is as bad as Facebook sometimes) so I'm posting here what he said (and sent to me in an email):

Asimov's statement is a sort of one-sentence precis of Richard Hofstadter's early 60s study, Anti-Intellectualism in American Life, while the quote from Justice Brandeis reminded me of the late UCLA historian Chalmers Johnson's dictum" "You can't have both empire and democracy, because the former will bankrupt the latter every time."