Wednesday, April 3, 2013


My favorite show on MSNBC is The Rachel Maddow show, but I have to admit, tonight watching some of the new eight o'clock show that precedes hers, ALL IN WITH CHRIS HAYES, I dug it.

I can see why others might not. It doesn't have the kind of confrontational sizzle of the show he replaced with Ed Schultz, or the celebrity cache of Chris Matthews and Reverend Al, but those guys didn't keep my interest. Hayes, and the people he had on when I was watching, did. Mostly because I didn't recognize them (I didn't watch his other show), they were not the same faces I've been seeing for what seems like years on every MSNBC show (and often on other network "news" shows as well, like NBC and CNN et. al.) and they, the experts he had on the panel at the end of the show tonight, were all much younger than those same-old-faces and more hardhitting when it came to the facts, in a nerdy kind of way.

I like nerds with lots of facts and research and opinions about stuff most "news" shows never cover let alone have facts to bring to the table or strong opinions that don't seem vetted by the higher ups etc.

I'm gonna keep checking in on ALL IN WITH CHRIS HAYES.


JIm said...
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Anonymous said...

it's ALL show-biz !
the motto is :

"whatever sells is truth/fact"

JIm said...
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