Friday, April 5, 2013


Milo O'Shea was one of those character actors almost everyone knows by sight, though they might not know his name. He was so memorable that when we see his image we can recall the way he sounded and moved. A unique presence on stage and screen.

Usually when I tell anecdotes about people who have passed who I knew in some way they're pretty positive stories about all concerned. But the only one I can remember about Milo, besides that the few times I was around him he was dynamic and engaging and fun, but once I wanted to see a play he was in and he was kind enough to get me a house seat when I called and told him how much I wanted to come see the play. But then because I got involved with a woman who wanted to go too, or had some other issue with my going that particular time, I called him at the last minute to say I couldn't make it, and though he was obviously exasperated and I felt like a fool, he did not make me feel worse but was rather gracious, and only sounded slightly fed up with dealing with my romantic quandaries.

Here's the NY Times obit for a man who many will miss and I will always wish I hadn't been such an idjit to.

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JenW said...

Thanks for that. I enjoyed Milo's work- God Bless him.
PS : Dopamine+Epinephrine-Serotonin=impaired judgement. I gave away not 1 but 2 tix once in the name of love-that's double idjit, so don't feel bad. I bet Milo understood.