Sunday, April 14, 2013


Just came back from watching my oldest son, Miles, play some wicked bass with guitarist Rob Sanzone, and drummer Jason Schultheis, who form the core band that backs Jordan Weller in Jordan Weller and The Feathers (playing next week, April 20th at The Gypsy Joynt in Great Barrington, Mass.) but tonight playing without Jordan, so almost all instrumentals.

They did some Dick Dale and other famous instrumentalists who had hits without vocals, but mostly jammed their own improvisations, or compositions, that had the audience dancing in their seats and shouting their enthusiasm.  Miles was blowing some tight bass and Jason and he were clicking so smoothly that people were coming up and commenting on it to me, and Sanzone, as always, was doing things with his guitar that only the greats can do.

It was fun, sometimes so mesmerizing it was hypnotizing (like any great jam) and satisfying. And my youngest son and my grandson, Miles' boy, both drummers, were there, with a friend, digging it too. How lucky I am. Going to bed grateful, as I always try to do, but tonight don't even have to try.