Wednesday, May 8, 2013


I've written about this TV series before. It's from Canada, set in Toronto during WWII focusing on a group of women who work in a bomb making factory, beginning before the USA got into the war. It's partly melodramatic, partly extremely topical (deals with class issues, lesbianism, race, Christian fundamentalism, xenophobia, etc.) but also partly realistic, and unlike any U.S. version of the "American experience" of WWII.

It also has some fantastic acting by Meg Tilly as a middle aged mother and housewife now forewoman of the women making the bombs. Tonight's episode was her at her best and worth the whole season for my taste. I'm hooked. I get it on the REELZ channel but wonder if it's available through other means for any who might be curious to discover it and catch up with the story line. If anyone finds it that way, let me know how so I can turn more folks on to it.


JIm said...
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Marianne said...

Sadly, GlobalTV decided to cancel BOMB GIRLS last April. For that reason, worldwide fans are campaign to try to save the show:

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