Sunday, May 12, 2013


Here's some more Hollywood sets I like, starting with two open car sets. I've been shot in movies driving a car but it was either done through the windshield with a camera on the hood or inside the actual car driving on actual roads. These were shot in studios with sets behind them or screens projecting roads, starting with one of my favorite movie actresses of all times, Silvia Sydney, with the young Henry Fonda:
And Cathy O'Donnell with Farley Granger (my sisters adored him, and I always dug her) playing bad kids:

Here's Cathy in another of her most famous roles, this time as the unbelievably sweet girl next door with Harold Russell in BEST YEARS OF OUR LIVES:
I always loved train sets on Hollywood sound stages too, like in STRANGERS ON A TRAIN, but here's one's with the incomparable Gene Tierney (I think from LEAVE HER TO HEAVEN):
 And a bonus one, also from THE BIG SLEEP like yesterday, but this time Bogie's with the young Dorothy Malone in the only scene she had in the flick but it's some of her best work, early on before she got cast in all those melodramas of the 1950s, this is the famous bookshop scene, another great Hollywood soundstage set:
Love old Hollywood.


JenW said...

Geez- me too! We have to keep sharing them with our kids and grandkids so they get the magic too. Thanks Michael-BETTER than strawberries with honey-

-K- said...

I never knew her name but now that I do, I can say that for her voice alone in "Best Years of Our Lives," Cathy O'Donnell deserves to be remembered. So soft and gentle.

Thank you for reminding me.

Lally said...

You're welcome Jen and K.