Friday, December 27, 2013


Probably the tenth or twelfth time I've watched this maybe greatest of all film noir flicks. Mitchum is impeccable in it. Jane Greer has been the ultimate movie bad girl ever since she made this. No one has topped her yet in my book. Kirk Douglas as the ultimate bad guy is pretty interesting. And the rest of the supporting cast are pretty much perfectly on the mark.

I've written about it enough, and I'm sure already on this blog. But I watched it from beginning to end (the end still pisses me off but that's part of its unique impact) tonight and once again loved every minute (except for the end, which I still loved as movie making just not as the outcome I ever want to see…). If you've never seen it you're in for a treat.

I'm so grateful for TCM! (And I have to say, OUT OF THE PAST has become a favorite holiday movie, and there's not a holiday in it.)


tpw said...

You turned me on to this great flick, which we saw together at the Biograph in DC in the early '70s.

Lally said...

"the Biograph in DC"—wow, there's some memories