Monday, June 9, 2014


Best known, at least to me and a few friends, for his role in DROP DEAD FRED, a favorite movie directed by my good friend Ate de Jong (who should have had a stellar mountain-of-money Hollywood career as a result, but the vagaries of H'wood, fate, integrity, etc....), Rik Mayall was only 56 and may be better known by the Brits, and a lot of other friends of mine, for his performances on THE YOUNG ONES.

But whether you know him or not, he was too young to go, though gratefully he left behind a legacy in film and on TV we can go to to see him at his most delightfully best. For more, there's a good obituary here.


Jesse Wilson said...

Thank you for the post Michael. Yes, it was way too early. My friends and I were big fans of the Young Ones growing up when it aired on MTV. We used to always quote Rik's lines from the show - it was hilarious. Funny, about a month ago I was thinking of the show and bought the DVDs - and now I see this. May he rest in peace - he was very talented and a good person.

Lally said...

Amen to that, Jesse.