Thursday, November 6, 2014


Once again, according to exit polls and ballot initiatives the "liberal" perspective is more popular than the "conservative" on most issues in most of the country, even red states. So on the issues, most of them anyway, those who usually vote Democratic won, as in every state that had raising the minimum wage on the ballot. And the Washington state support of more gun control, rejecting the usually all powerful NRA's campaign influence. Etc.

The problem is, the Dems didn't keep their message simple, clear and focused on the issues, but instead tried to avoid sounding too "liberal" etc. while the Repubs lied, as they have learned they can do and get away with not just because they have Faux News on their side but because they also state it repeatedly, simply, clearly, and stay focused on the lie, as in they are for working people etc.

And they do know how to keep it simple and easy to understand (even that Iowa Palin clone who was smart enough to present herself statewide not as the rabid rightwing nut she seemed to be previously but as someone more in line with voters' beliefs etc. who can garble an explanation as easily as Palin but who also can summarize their being "regular" with slogans like: "I'm gonna make 'em squeal"—meaning politicians in Washington and to those in on the coding, especially Obama, and resonates in a hog farming state coming from a woman who makes clear she delights in castrating her pigs)...

I fault the Dems who shied away from Obama's accomplishments but also fault Obama for his terrible handling of the media, his surrounding himself with loyal but obviously flawed advisors, and his general insularity and inability to hide his disdain for not just the press but the whole business of governing, making me miss Bill Clinton's obvious delight in politics. And I worry that the Prez will be too quick to compromise with the Repubs in the Senate now to pass some things that will make it look like the Repubs get things done when given control etc.

Fasten your seat belts, it's gonna be a bumpy ride.

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