Sunday, November 23, 2014


Stefan was a friend who I saw pretty frequently in my L.A. life (or as I like to say, my "Hollywood years") but hadn't seen in the years since I moved back to Jersey. A really good guy, smart and interesting, and a wonderful actor (or "character actor" as they always classify non-stars).

His best known roles are listed and linked to in this obit, and keep him alive in the world of movie history and reruns on TV and the net. He had a good long life and many dear friends and accomplished much that he wanted to, so here's to you Stefan, with condolences to your family and many friends and fans among whom I am grateful to be counted.


-K- said...

I didn't recognize him at first but he was great in "Jeremiah Johnson." I'm sure he had several other noteworthy roles after that.

Lally said...

Yeahm he first caught my eye in Eastwood's HIGH PLAINS DRIFTER