Sunday, March 8, 2015


I wish I had asked someone to film the reading I was part of tonight. But then often these kinds of live events are best experienced in person. At any rate, it was delightful for me to see my friend Stella Kamakaris's poems, like urgent telegraphs from the soul, get the kind of warm response they deserve, and to see my friend Elinor Nauen share poetry and prose both entertaining and brilliant at the same time, as usual, and for me to get to share some new poems and some old with an enthusiastic and appreciative crowd of New Yorkers and Jerseyites. Totally fulfilling. Thanks universe.

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Anonymous said...

And allow me to add the adjectives that Lal modestly left out: his work was as honest & heart-breaking as ever. Not a Dry Eye. It was a pleasure & honor to read with both him & Stella. —Elinor