Wednesday, March 4, 2015


The premise for FOCUS is preposterous, so is the plot and the penultimate scene, and yet, this film is so stylish and smooth it comes across as a not bad homage to other stylishly successful movies with preposterous premises and plots like say CHARADE or OCEAN'S ELEVEN and it's many reincarnations.

Will Smith is no Cary Grant but he's never come closer to the kinds of roles Grant played than he does in FOCUS. For the first time he doesn't seem to fall back on his boyish charm as much, if at all, but instead has a grown up manly charm that worked for the female friend who suggested we catch this flick and for me as well.

And the chemistry between him and Margot Robbie, who plays his foil, is pretty fun to watch. I loved her in THE WOLF OF WALL STREET and ABOUT TIME (the latter one of my favorite movies and talk about preposterous premises and plots) but in FOCUS she really gets to show her acting and comic and romantic and seductive chops in the biggest role I've seen her in yet.

From the soundtrack to the overheard panoramic shots of Manhattan, New Orleans and Rio (from what I assume are drones), this flick is so stylishly seductive and polished and lavish it's hard to remember that the thing I knew the duo who wrote and directed it best for before was BAD SANTA. And the acting is first rate, especially by Smith and Robbie, but matching them are Adrian Martinez (in the BAD SANTA role in some ways) and Gerald McRaney (in the best thing he's ever done).

A great flick to take your mind off the weather or whatever else may be bothering you.

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