Tuesday, March 17, 2015


My Irish grandmother Rose MacBride (on the right above with the suspender-like straps) from County Mayo (as I remember it) and her sister
My Irish grandfather Michael Lally from County Galway (first police officer in my home town of South Orange, New Jersey)
a later shot of my grandfather after they got rid of the keystone cop helmets and gave the cops bicycles to patrol on
my Irish immigrant grandparents as I knew them as a boy with my oldest brother Thomas Lally, later renamed Father Campion, a Franciscan friar
me and some siblings and cousins and other neighborhood kids, mostly Irish-American (I'm the little roundheaded toddler at the top right)
me and my parents and siblings c. 1943
my late cousin Paddy Lally in front of the thatch roof cottage my grandfather Michael Lally grew up in, me taking the photo on one of my visits c. 1992

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Maolalaidh said...

Very interesting :-) Kind regards, James Lally.