Saturday, June 13, 2015


Up in The Berkshires for a reading from Swing Theory last night at Geoff Young's Gallery in Great Barrington, which was one of those perfect moments for me when the work I was reading and those listening came together to complete what I intended when I first wrote it. There were old friends and new, and both my daughter Caitlin and older son Miles and my grandson Donovan and a few of his friends, in the the crowd that was the perfect size to fill the gallery.

I've been unable to get my computer connection working till now after spending the day, so far, amid the natural beauty of "the Shire" listening to the wind in the trees and bird sounds both similar at times and different from those back in Jersey, the sky bright blue and unhazy after last night's thunder storms which held off until after the reading, so the views riding through the hills and mountains are cinematically spectacular.

Ah, how fulfilling life can be sometimes, especially when we're open to accepting the gifts it has to offer.

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