Friday, June 19, 2015


it's in the DNA of the country and society Lisa, from the founders compromising to get the slaveholders to go along, to bending over backwards to make the South feel ok about being defeated so pretending it was some sort of "honorable cause" etc. which was pushed in the culture, songs, books, movies, etc. (I love Westerns and can tell you that with a handful of exceptions the thousands of them made in Hollywood from silents to the 1960s always portrayed the Southern ex-rebs as trustworthy and honorable and remnants of a noble cause and culture etc.) so the question is, how, despite all the support that has gone into making racism acceptable in our politics and culture did we get to a place where a majority of voters who went to the polls in the last two presidential elections voted for a so-called "black man"...?...because logic and reason and goodness won over hatred and bias and lies and deliberately distorted propaganda from the right etc. seems pretty much like progress to me (not to mention when I was engaged to a "black girl" in 1961 we couldn't legally marry in most states etc. etc. etc. etc....the fight is to use all the anti-terrorism propaganda and laws etc. to get violent racism labeled as the terrorism it is so websites that promote it and gun companies that sell to those who profess it etc. etc. can be prosecuted and eliminated (as it is now it's reminiscent of the old J Edgar Hoover FBI days where they chose to ignore the Mafia as a threat to our society because they were too much of a challenge to take on and instead targeted anti-war and Civil Rights activists etc....

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