Thursday, June 18, 2015


At Sammy's Bowery Follies when I was 16 (in a goofy hat and mustache I hated putting on) holding hands with my cousin Rosemary, who lost her father young so spent a lot of time in my house and was like another older sister to me, the other woman, Mary Phyllis, was also at our house a lot and like another big sister (they were around 23-24) NYC 1958
my then lady Joan, me, my brother "Buddy" and my sister-in-law Catherine c. 1986 Santa
Monica (all passed on now, except for me)
Eric, Miles, Carol and me, Santa Monica c. 1988?
Anne, Cubby, me, Jack, Eve, Lotus, Joel (back row), Tommy, Katey, Yvonne, Michael, Robert, M.K., Miriam, Michael and Caroline (front rows) at Largo (for Poetry in Motion which I started with Eve and co-ran for our first eight years) in West Hollywood c. 1990?
me, Beth, Lynne and Bill c. 1992 Washington DC
me, David, Bara and my then lady Crystal, Malibu, c. 1994
Nick, me and my wife Jaina, Great Barrington c. 2003
Miles, me, Flynn, Donovan, Elizabeth and Caitlin, Great Barrington c. 2007
Terence, Willy and me NYC c. 2013
Susan, John, Bob and me (in my brief "English Bob" phase) NYC 2014
Caitlin, Miles and me, Great Barrington 2015


Jamie Rose said...

Oh man I love these! I think I took the pic of you and family in the Chinese restaurant in Great Barrington? And hey! Where am I???

Lally said...

I think you're right about the GB full family pic, and as for you, guess no one ever took a shot of us eating or drinking at a restaurant table...least not that I have...just dancing and posing I guess...