Thursday, June 2, 2016


Helena Kallianiotes and me in the late '80s in East L.A. at her club, Helena's, where I had done a few fundraising poetry readings using movie and TV stars reading the poetry of East Coast friends, leading to her asking me to do a weekly reading series, I said it was too much work but she introduced me to her friend Eve Brandstein who became my partner in that venture that was first called The Temple Street Poets, if I remember correctly, but after her club closed in the early '90s we moved the weekly event to other clubs, eventually ending up at Cafe Largo when it opened (contributing to the club's early success and cache)...Helena was famous back then for a small role she had in the film FIVE EASY PIECES as a hitchhiking angry lesbian, if I remember correctly...she looks angry in this photo, which she could be occasionally...but I totally dug her...

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