Monday, June 20, 2016


Everyone who buys into the rightwing (originally, because if a majority of "Americans" vote they would always lose) propaganda that there isn't any difference between Democratic and Republican politicians just needs to look at the way the four minor gun regulation laws that were brought up for a vote after Orlando and Murphy's filibuster failed to pass in the Senate today, because every Republican but two voted against them and every Democrat except one voted for them. If there were just a few more Democrats in the Senate they would have passed. Party does matter in many areas, especially when the NRA warned before the vote that anyone who voted for gun regulation would suffer the consequences at the polls which means they plan to spend millions on bringing down Democrats who voted for some minor gun regulations (like closing the gun show loophole etc.)...why the feck would the National Rifle Association spend so much money on defeating Democrats IF THERE ISN'T ANY DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE PARTIES!?

And PS: ask anyone suffering through the heatwave in the Southwest that is breaking all records and is just another of the thousands of examples in the last few years of the impact of climate change if they'd rather have those who believe in climate change and want to do something about it or those who don't running the government. Those in the Fox/Rush/et. el. bubble will obviously continue to believe their masters' propaganda (and the testimony of the two paid for by big oil scientists who argue the evidence still isn't clear out of a thousand who argue it is et-endlessly-cetera....

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David Franks? Donald Britton?