Thursday, November 30, 2017


writer Dale Herd caught reading the racing form somewhere in California, I'm guessing, around the time we met c. 1982?
me at "my booth" at Cafe Largo going over my selection of poems to read at a Poetry In Motion night with my lady Kim helping me by reading some of my choices, L.A. c. 1990? 
me reading at a poet Annabel Lee's wedding in NYC c. 1990?
the late great poet Scott Wannberg at a reading in the valley, was it one of Luloo's Beehive cafes? c. 1995?
poet Frank T. Rios as the same reading in the Valley c. 1995
and the late great Hubert Selby Jr. at the same reading in the Valley c. 1995
me reading poems from my lates book CANT BE WRONG in a bar in San Francisco 1997
me reading something in a 1999 episode of NYPD BLUE
not sure who the woman is reading from my book IT'S NOT NOSTALGIA with actor Kale Browne in the background reading something else in the Beyond Baroque bookstore in Venice Beach CA early 2000s
me reading from my book MARCH 18, 2003 I believe at Beyond Baroque in Venice Beach in 2004?

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