Thursday, April 26, 2018

the book party last night (for Another Way To Play: Poems 1960-2017, Seven Stories Press) was one of the highlights of my life. So many old and new friends, a wonderful introduction by Bob Holman (Eileen Myles was called out of town at the last minute for an emergency), and all my kids and my grandson, and strangers turning into new friends...
and the art exhibit at Howl included a baby grand that at the last minute heading for the mic I decided to first sit down at and play some, and then was inspired to tell a story as I was playing...the whole thing felt inspired and today I'm still exhilarated... and exhausted...
the actual book cover as opposed to earlier designs on the Internet
[photo by Silvia Sanza]
me and my self-cut hair and poetry-reading tie
(either raining or crying or bleeding books, not sure)
[photo by Maggi Dubris]
me trying to smile with two longtime friends
[photo by Tatiana Lyons]
me at the piano
[photo by Stella Kamakaris]
me at the podium, obviously
[photo by Stephanie Hoeller]

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Bob said...

Looks like you had a fine evening. Congratulations!