Sunday, January 27, 2019


"I am endorsing any Democrat that survives the primary. I don't care who they are. Kamala, Bernie, Warren, Beto, Nina, Biden, even the worst of them all, Gillibrand. Hell, nominate Al Franken for all I care. I don't fucking give a shit anymore. All I want to see, is for the left to STFU about the primary once it's fucking done and close ranks to boot out the GOP. SUPREME COURT. ENVIRONMENT. HUMAN RIGHTS are at stake. These. Are. Bigger. Issues. Than. Your. Identity. Stop splitting hairs about whose socialism is better and become the powerful voting block you are. Why are you letting Roger Stone and his Nazi Hoardes rule this country on Putin's Dime? So the Democrats are half as bad as the GOP. Ok. Still not full bad. Not as downright dangerous. Once you have taken out the Nazis, then come for the Neoliberals. Geezus get your priorities straight and stop being so easy to divide and conquer."   —a friend (who put it better than I could)

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