Sunday, June 20, 2021


There's no photos of me alone with my father, but of ones we're both in, this is my favorite. Taken down the Jersey shore in Belmar, around 1952 or so, with my mother and her mother (who lived with us) and some of my siblings, I love the way he's being so tender with my brother Robert (who would have still been a Teamster but soon would be a cop) and me (with my summer tan) only a few years before my father and me began arguing as often and as virulently as he did with Robert when he was in his teens.  

Saturday, June 19, 2021


"Somebody asked why is it called "Juneteenth" insteada "Freedom Day."
I said,
The word "Juneteenth", to me, contains within it a profound record of the African-American experience of language. With our native languages mostly lost, taken or abandoned, and english thrust upon us, there is a great tradition of passive rebellion and nonconformity amongst enslaved people -- sometimes expressed through language. It's expressed in Juneteenth, I believe, in creating an evolved, improvised (think jazz) hybrid word. Such lingual reclamations of power are mildly annoying, by design, to the enslavers. 'Why won't you do what I say?! Why won't you do it the right way?!'*
*This is my own theory as a biracial man, philosopher and theorist."

—Dion Flynn


"Buddhism says it is possible to get your mind together like the wings of a butterfly. It is also possible not to get your mind together and still exist like a butterfly but with no wings."  —Bill Berkson (from RECENT VISITORS)

Thursday, June 17, 2021



Back in the 1980s in LA, Katey Sagal and I became friends and for a brief period we even dated, and I was sorry I let her get away, but we remained friends. I've known few people as talented and fun, and I am very happy for her continued success.

Wednesday, June 16, 2021


This photo was taken after Ana and I had gone our separate ways back in the 1970s and my broken heart had mostly mended, but seeing it appear online recently brought those feelings back again for a moment...the scars from old wounds the heart endures.... 

Sunday, June 13, 2021


I cried, I laughed, I moved to the music, I couldn't stop smiling as stars were born, a new favorite musical made a future list, I already want to watch it again (this time with the captions on so I don't miss a syllable of its delightful theatrical genius), oh and make sure you stick around for the coda after the end credits!