Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Robert L. Nardelli was hired last week to head Chrysler, a corporation with financial troubles, at least the way they tell it.

He had previously headed Home Depot, which gave him 210 million bucks when he left, after that corporation, under his direction, lost money, its stock price fell, and in general was a lot worse off than it had been before they hired him.

Nardelli knew nothing about the Home Depot business before they hired him, of course, and knows even less about the automobile business. But at Chrysler the ultimate size of his enormous paycheck will be tied to Chrysler’s success, and God knows that’ll be an incentive for the poor man.

Oh, and by the way, before his fiasco at Home depot he worked at General Electric with a few of the guys who now run the private equity coporation that bought Chrysler. See how nicely it all works out!

It’s just like the rightwing Republicans say all the time, work hard, do a good job and you can make it in this country, not like other places where it’s all about who you know!


AlamedaTom said...

You're doin' a heck of a job, Brownie. And you too, Nardo!

~~ Smirking Tom

Another Lally said...

Working hard for someone else never made a person richer than the person they work for.

Working hard and getting ahead to be successful has to do with working for yourself, instead of others.

The beauty of this country is the right to own property and start businesses with little government control.

Even these guys had to start somewhere as the corporate raiders they were in the 80's.

Don't buy the crap that Chrysler makes.

Unknown said...

And Toyota is now the number one auto brand in the US. Maybe it's time to hire some Japanese to run our companies?