Sunday, August 12, 2007


“…in the year Mr. Bush promised a ‘Marshall Plan’ for Afghanistan, the country received less assistance per capita than did postconflict Bosnia and Kosovo, or even desperately poor Haiti, according to a RAND Coporation study.” —today’s NY Times

So let’s see, Clinton’s administration was able to help Bosnia, Kosovo, and Haiti, after they erupted in conflicts including civil war, “ethnic cleansing” and terrorism, and there was no bragging or comparisons to WWII victories and plans.

But Junior’s administration ignored the advice of their generals (early retired them instead) and professional diplomats and made big promises but didn’t follow through on them, and the result is the rise of the Taliban, suicide bombers, and terrorism in conflicts Junior actually started and then left the people most directly affected hanging!

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Another Lally said...

Bosnia, Kosovo and Chechnya were all Islamic separatist movements that were supported against the indigenous peoples. These places are still in turmoil and policed by international forces, with the exception of Chechnya.

Haiti is still just as violent and poor as always.

These nations would have recieved more aid simply in the fact that they have been recieving aid for at least ten years.

Iraq and Afghanistan may just need an all out civil war to bring some semblance of peace. Whenever our forces do leave, the war will be on.

No matter who was president when it was deemed that Sadaam had to be removed, the situation in Iraq would still be the same as it is now and as it was before the last Sunni dictatorship.

As a nation, we were inches away from an Iraq invasion in 1998. The plans were set, the forces ready and Congress willing.

I see George Tenet and the CIA as the real orchestrators of the Iraq invasion. Tenet could have shot down any plans to invade by speaking with the Senate Intel committee. Instead he sat behind Colin Powell at the UN and assured Powell that all the intel was correct and verifiable.

Congress and the president believed him and here we are.