Thursday, August 16, 2007


And a third great artist has passed.

Max was to jazz drumming what Charlie Parker was to jazz saxaphone blowing. He changed it forever.

He was also a very beautiful man. I only encountered him a few times back in the day, but always dug him, up close or from afar. Thank God he left us with so many great recordings, and made it to eighty-three. One of the last of the original beboppers.

I quoted him in one of my early posts on this blog, and it's worth repeating:

"...if you're a humanitarian, which most artists are, instead of getting in a fight or breaking something up, you take it out on yourself. In fact, I would say that most creative people who are self-destructive are trying to protect other people from their outrage. If you live long enough, though, you learn you have to be a humanitarian with yourself as well as with everybody else."
—Max Roach in The Village Voice, Dec. 1979


Harryn Studios said...

well said Michael.
another great artist...and one of the last of the 'originals'.
Thank you for recalling the beautiful quote.
paul fr. PA

Jesse Wilson said...

Yes, I was watching the story on NY1. That is a nice quote to live by. Thanks for that.


douglang said...

No more Quintet of the Year. Bird, Bud, Mingus, Diz and Max, all gone. It's an empty planet.