Tuesday, January 22, 2008


Say it ain't so Hilary and Barak.

Obama was the big loser, because now he's down on their level, looking a lot less like the inspirational man of hope who transcends politics as usual and more like a politician who in my eyes didn't defend himself well enough because she got him on facts that seem to suggest failings that would take too complicated an explanation to explain, especially in a few seconds, or even minutes, on TV in a debate.

But he should have been better prepared for her slams, as she obviously was for his. And she came out of it looking refreshed. He's been looking a little haggard.

Edwards came across best, though he's not above that politics as usual stuff either.

And the amunition they supplied for whoever the Republican nominee will be, let alone the resentments they are creating among their supporters toward each other. If this didn't do it, more of the same will, that is, once again pull the Democratic Party in different directions so that the Republicans can pick off the factions one by one.


Anonymous said...

Surprisingly with a Chicago political background, it looks like Obama has brought a knife to a gunfight with the Clintons.

Anonymous said...

Emerson wrote: "Every great and commanding moment in the annals of the world is the triumph of some enthusiasm." I'm waiting for a commanding moment from one of them!

And did you read about the signs some men were holding up to Hilary "Iron My Shirt" at a recent event?

There's only one response Hilary should employ to that—Suck My D@#k.

AlamedaTom said...

I sent a comment earlier, but somehow it escaped to the ether. I'll try to reprise it...

Not sure I agree with your observation. It reminded me of the Kerry reaction to the horrible Swift Boat campaign against him. In that regard, I coined my own shibboleth: "The high road often goes nowhere."

Taking the lead from Jim, if you show up to a gunfight with a knife, you are in serious trouble. It makes no difference whether you had a reasonable expectation of a knife fight!

As you know from my comments on your post and my own blog, I have been pissed at Bill Clinton for a long time, capped by the whole Monica thing. Now I'm not only pissed, I'm furious. The vibe I get from the dude is that his wife is "entitled" to the nomination (or should we say coronation)and anyone who stands in the way will be crushed, even if it takes lying and risking his legacy as president. Of course in that regard heed what Thom Hartman says: Clinton was the best Republican president since Eisenhower.

Rant boy....

Anonymous said...


Yeah, the Clintons are a means to an ends kinda couple; and when you make that choice, you are sure to ultimately set in place the destruction of any good thing you meant to do.

And I'm glad to hear you talk about Clinton this way, I share your anger. Clinton gambled and lost EVERYTHING his administration accomplished on that indiscretion. Forget us poor smucks, what about all the people who worked tirelessly to get him elected, then to implement his programs? You never hear about the collective disappointment and outrage those folks must have felt, feel.

I wonder if Hilary sees her election as some moral imperative—that it's her job to gain back what he lost. But again, at any cost.

I dunno.

I like Edwards best.

Anonymous said...

The sniping reminds me of the Dems going after Gary Hart.

Typical low life Dem politics.

While the Clinton machine works for Hitlery, the Kennedy machine is backing Obama.

Isn't this the woman who claimed that she had no presidential ambitions when running for re-election as senator from New York?

Why is it that the Dem candidates endorse socialism and the abolition of states rights, yet nobody seems to mind?

Backed by Big Business, favoring Big Government will lead to Big Brother.

Dems have been subjugating the middle class and poor going as far back as Andrew Jackson.

Anonymous said...

Nice to know, that not all the Lallys favor socialism.

Lally said...

What is it with this "socialism" crap? You guys (Jim and the embarassment to all Lallys everywhere) are as bad as those on the left who throw "facism" around. I wish socialism was really part of the Democratic Party's agenda. But it ain't. Hilary (and the right's use of "Hitlery" when the closest we've gotten to the Nazis and yes "facism" has been under Bush-Cheney is ludicrous at best, evil at worst) is about as moderate a candidate as we've had in a long time. The right just has better brain washing techniques, obviously, given some of the responses above. I'd rather think for myself thank you, than let Fox news or any news or any commentator do it for me. Which, in fact, is what I do. I don't see evidence of that from the rightwingers above, and as for some Democrats anger at the Clintons, as expressed a little above, to me it obviously goes beyond the Clintons' politics and accomplishments. I find the way they very cleverly got Obama to take the bait and get down to the level he said he wouldnt' get down to disheartening and even tragic in some ways, but to even suggest that they are anywhere near the same realm as Bush-Cheney is to deny reality. No presidency in my lifetime has been more catastorphic not only for this country, but for the world. Period.

Loyeen said...

Amen!!! I agree with the "Real Lally's" points. I am so tried of all of the excuses from our current administration. Go Hillary!! I can not wait to get back the U.S. I am proud of. (a.k.a Jim's wife.)

Anonymous said...

High comedy indeed.

Brain washing is the province of the Dems. You may snap out of it one day.


National Health Care
National Catastrophic Plan
National Supervision of Education

These are the province of the individual states.

Aiding and Abetting the Enemy

End NSA listening program
Grant Constitutional Rights to enemy

Brain washing was most evident in the Dem lemmings support for Kerry for president.

"I was for it before I was against it"
"I would confer with our allies before taking any unilateral pre-emptive measures in defense of the nation"
"I would never bargain internationally without the support of our allies, except with North Korea. I would batgain unilaterally with them."
"I have a secret plan for America if I am elected"

Wake up.

Anonymous said...

Clintonian tactics may not work as well this time since folks in both parties seem to be aware of how low they will go. It is amusing to see Obama supporters discover that Billary is capable of using "not nice" racial politics.

Some may notice (A.K.A. Jim's wife) post above. I welcome it. It is a lot safer for me to have political discussions with my bride on line then in person.

Anonymous said...

There must be a 'vast Barack Obama conspiracy' against the Clintons.

Do you think that blacks and independent thinkers missed Hitlery's line about having to do the 'spade' work in Iowa?

Do you think that Bill Clinton was being nice when he compared Obama with Jesse Jackson?

The Clintons are looking to drag Obama down to the gutter where they are most comfortable.

With their low life politics and the propensity for white Americans to not vote for a black, it looks like a GOP landslide can be expected no matter who is running.

Anonymous said...

GOP landslide!! One can only hope. It would, however be a shame to see McCain be the standard bearer. He seems closer to Democrat positions in most things other than military. Hopefully we will have conservative on domestic issues also. This is a momentous election, worthy of a meaningful debates between the two finalists a'la Lincoln vs. Douglas, Sarkozy vs the lady socialist.

Lally said...

Rightwingers crack me up. They genuflect at the altar of Rush Limbaugh to a God that seems a lot like Dick Cheney from what they spiel.
Hilary Clinton is way more conservate than most Democrats. And McCain is more conservative on not just the military but abortion, cutting spending, downsizing government (except the militarty) etc. than any other candidate (at least according to the facts of their records folks). Only Huickabee outdoes him on the social issues. But the powers that be in the Republican power structure hate these guys, because right-wingers and other Republicans in any kind of power, and too many of their Limbaugh spouting supporters, don't care about any ideology or "values" etc. They care about POWER, getting it, and holding on to it, and getting more of it. The Clintons are the only Democrats who really challenged that control, as did the Kennedys, which is why both families are and were so hated by the right-wingers. Now Obama's trying to talk to those voters who are tired of the same old rote responses and knee jerk hatreds and mischaracterizations and outright lies that the Republicans mastered so well under Nixon, and that evolved into an art form under Reagan and then Lee Atwater, and became nuclear warfare under Rove and Cheney. I truly would love to see him pull that off. But if he thinks the Clintons play dirty, wait until he faces the Republicans.

Anonymous said...

Repeat of McCain thoughts

McCain is right on national security and was right on the surge in Iraq.He has been wrong on taxes(voted against Bush tax cuts twice), immigration, gang of fourteen compromise on judges, free speech during elections. His McCain Feingold legislation has been a disaster. More money has been spent and less is known about the contributors. At the risk of repeating, citizens should be able to spend as much as they want to support their causes but all names and amounts should be public. Unions and corporations should be barred from participating.

After kicking and screaming I would vote for McCain over any current Democrat alternative.

Anonymous said...

As usual, you show the result of the party brain washing. You claim that Rush Limbaugh is the puppeteer of Conservative and Republicans, yet both his favored candidates are out of the race.

Hitlery gave Limbaugh international publicity in her rants about some bogus right wing conspiracy. Did you ever consider that Limbaugh's exaggeration of Conservativism is comedy? Hitlery made his show a hit.

Again, your history is bogus. JFK was hated by the Dems during his presidency for his tax cuts and Civil Rights leanings.(Not to mention his philandering)

I have yet to see lowlife politics on the scale of the Dems practiced by the GOP.

The money to made is backing Romney. His Bain Capital and Chineese partners are looking to buy a defense contractor so even our military will be reliant on foreign products.

I'd almost enjoy seeing AlGore and Bloomberg enter the fray.