Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Thanks to Paul Harryn for this collage of some of the "artists" mentioned in the previous post.


Anonymous said...

Lal--Re-reading the comments on yesterday's posting, I was surprised that no one mentioned Cannonball Adderley among the gone-too-soon. Cannon was only 47 when he died, and I'd certainly call that too soon. Susanna McCorkle too, eh?
And what of the young men and women whose photos appeared in yesterday's Times, most of them in their 20s, and some as young as 18 and 19? Surely they are gone FAR too soon, while most of the Busheviks who sent other people's kids to die in Afghanistan and Iraq will expire between the lily-whites. May we see them all in the eleventh circle of hell.
Bob Berner

Anonymous said...

Lal--And damn me for a blithering idiot--I forgot to include a hero to both you and me, Frank Polite.
Bob B.

Lally said...

You're right about Cannonball, don't know how I missed him. I wonder when his brother Nat died? As for the young dying in battles "overseas" as they said when we were kids, I was only focusing on "artists" of some kind, but obviously many of them could be songwriters and collagists and "artists" of all kinds, including just of living.
But our friend Frank Polite died after fifty, which was the final line I drew, even though I pointed out that anything under a hundred sounds too young to me now, and I'm sure I'll move that arbitrary line if I make it to it.

Anonymous said...

Some people now think that you're still "young" if you're in your 60s. I think of myself as old, but it's still too soon to book, eh?
Bob B.

Tom King said...

Nat hung on until 2000. He was 68. I can't believe I forgot Cannonball either.

Tom King