Tuesday, March 4, 2008


We won’t know the results of today’s four primaries until later tonight, but I have a feeling it won’t be settled.

The media has obviously taken to heart the accusation that they’ve been treating Obama too gently, which they hadn’t (calling his emerging political charisma “cult-like” from the beginning, etc.) but certainly aren’t anymore if they were.

The bits of Obama’s speeches the media is selecting lately haven’t been coming across like the hits of inspiration and hope that have so many of us excited about his candidacy.

While Hilary seems to be relishing the underdog position She often casts herself as the victim of gender discrimination, as if an African-American man with a funny name who few had heard of before the campaign was somehow the establishment. And has the media helping by continually pointing out that Obama’s campaign is outspending hers on TV ads in Texas and Ohio by two (or more, depending on the news venue) to one etc.

The snippets of her speeches turning up on cable and network news lately, often make her seem feisty and on target and, well, even inspiring, certainly for the enthusiastic audiences the media now seems to be favoring close ups of over the ones they were featuring from Obama’s rallies but haven’t been in the past few days much.

The clips they’re using lately from Obama’s speeches, or responses to questions, seem chosen to make him seem a little cocky, even smug. It makes sense the media would want the primary season to drag on, because it makes for better news to have a horse race rather than a clear winner.

But the double standard that Hilary keeps referring to in terms of gender, is still used most often against Obama. As I pointed out in my recent “double standard” post, once again Obama’s feet were held to the fire by the media concerning the Nation of Islam’s leader, Louis Farrakhan, having “endorsed” Obama, from afar by the way, with Obama nowhere in sight nor accepting it.

But he had to “reject” and “denounce” Farrakhan’s support because of negative things Farrakhan has said about the Jewish religion. (But wait a minute, doesn’t the Jewish religion describe Jewish folks as “chosen” making those who aren’t Jewish, what? Rejected? Seems to me, the Jewish religion is just as narrow-minded and restrictive and oppressive and self-righteous and prejudiced and self-centered as any other.)

But as I pointed out, other groups seem to be fair game. As we saw with McCain’s endorsement from that Christian fundamentalist who has made many negative comments about the Catholic religion, comments just as bad or more so than Farrakhan’s about the Jewish one.

But McCain wasn’t pushed to “denounce” and “reject” an actual endorsement, that McCain received in person, on camera, all friendly and hand-shaking, back-patting masculine-mutual-respect style.

When questioned about it, and the obvious double standard of it vis-à-vis Obama and Farrakhan, McCain could just say some vague comment about how you can’t control where your endorsements come from.

And Hilary was given the same leeway when confronted with those who endorse her but have made comments seen as equally offensive by various groups (Vietnam POWs for one, ala Gloria Steinham, whose question about why McCain’s time as a POW in Viet Nam qualifies him as president was actually not a bad one) was allowed, by the media, to be even more vague in her response.

Clinton’s Karl Rove style fear-mongering ads and sound bites about how more prepared she is to answer the nonexistent red phone in the white house at 3AM (Is she implying she’ll be up and in the oval office every night at 3AM in her pantsuit waiting for phone calls?) unfortunately may work, as her self-victimizing gender identity stuff also might work (remember New Hampshire after the tears of frustration and disappointment that so many women seemed to identify with?)

I’d like to see Obama wrap it up, so the Democrats can hopefully unite behind him and start focusing on winning in November. But I’m afraid that’s not going to happen, and we’re going to see more carping and low blows and opportunities for the Republicans to exploit in the general campaign, whenever that gets started for real.


JIm said...

Obama- Messianic leader or just another Chicago politician??

It is about time the press started treating him like any other politician rather than being so careful as to not offend (wouldn’t want to be called a racist). There are legitimate questions as to integrity with Resko (and Iraqi Billionaire, who helped Sadam in his Oil For Food payoffs) providing funds through a circuitous matter to hide giving funds to Obama to purchase $1.5 Mil house. Truthfulness with voters may be an issue, as he criticizes NAFTA with union voters in Ohio, while at the same time reassuring the Canadian Govt. that it is just political blather. The reporters haven’t even gotten to his $850 billion co-sponsored proposal to redistribute American wealth to the worlds poor. Could examination of his antagonism to Israel ( a valued US ally), Canadian style health care, sharp rise in taxation, dramatic growth of government in daily life be far behind.

Who knows, this election may turn out right after all.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't be surprised if Obama gets enough support to become the nominee-apparent for the Dems by this evening. He is far more pleasant that Hitlery and Bill.

The sad thing about him is that he has been a no-show chairman of the over-sight committe on Afghanistan this senate session. Not even holding a hearing or meeting of the committee should negate any criticism of the way the Afhgan War is being conducted. He is supposed to be minding the war, yet hasn't the time to even look at it.

Hitlery will sling all the dirt she has in the run-up to the Pa. primary so the mud should get deep. Obama is as dirty and untruthful as any politician.

He paints himself as being in Illinois for the past twenty years fighting for the rights of the oppressed. This isn't true in the least. He has been back and forth between New York and Illinois in the last twenty years actually.

On his return to Illinois in 1988, Obama settled down in a law firm that allowed him to become friendly with such characters as Tony Rezco. With the support of Rezco and now Exelon the nuclear energy power supplier. The mud will be sticking and people will take notice. (Mud thrown by Hitlery and her folks)

Both candidates presented their ignorance in the NAFTA discussion. Their reference to jobs being shipped overseas has nothing to do with NAFTA. (Canada and Mexico are not overseas, a little geography for the NCLB folks)

The more both candidates talk, the more they show their actual ignorance on the issues.

The Dems need the race to continue in case Obama is dragged down by the Rezco trial. Hitlery will be doing all she can to see that he is.