Friday, September 5, 2008


"Jesus was a community organizer. Pontius Pilate was a governor." —anonymous


Tom said...


Tom King

Cottage Dweller - Barbara said...

love it!
thank you!

Another Lally said...

While it would be wonderful to know who 'Jesus' actually was and what he was about, we only have biographies of him written 70 years or more after his death.

'Jesus' was actually promoting disorganization which is why he was killed. The already well organized Jews wanted a messiah who would defeat the Romans. When he wasn't that messiah, he was as good as dead.

Pilate was a 'governor', but not as we know governors. He was appointed by a conquering nation.

The Jesus story points out that there was no conflict between Pilate and Jesus.

RJ Eskow said...

"The already well organized Jews wanted a messiah who would defeat the Romans. When he wasn't that messiah, he was as good as dead."

Nice little piece of anti-semitism, that.

Earlier accounts of Jesus' life don't include the "blood libel" blaming the Jews. John, proselytizing among Romans, suddenly had the 'insight' seven decades later that the Jews - a subjugated people - forced those innocent Romans to drive all those nails and conduct all that torture.

That started a centuries-long orgy of hate against the Jewish people - one that lives on in these words.

Don't try to engage in a battle of words, my friend. I won't respond. I don't deal with anti-semites, except to make clear to others who they are and what they are doing.

Truly something to be proud of ...

Another Lally said...


Must be that the New Testament is anti-semitic.

The Romans were bound to crucify anyone condemned to death by the religious leaders in order to maintain the peace.

History tells us that the Jews gained a slight respite from Roman rule with the rebellion led by Simon bar Kokhba. After that the Romans were said to have completely destroyed the temple and dispersed the people.

harryn said...

i think part of the message here was - as lennon said: "power to the people ..."
see what happens when we go all political ...

Another Lally said...

In escaping the excessive taxation of Great Britain, Lennon bargained for residency in the country that he deemed gave the people the most power.

We have the power, but it seems we are beset with indifference in choosing our local representatives and higher in the chain.

Due to that indifference, we elect 'do nothings' or self-interested individuals rather than service-minded individuals.

We may not get the government we want, but we always get the government we deserve, as George Carlin stated.

Remember, when given the 'choice', the people said, "Give us Barabas."