Monday, February 16, 2009


The recent passing of Blossom Dearie and my post on that, coupled with people pointing out to me how a lot of my taste in music, according to lists I make, seems dominated by males, with the few females having made their mark many decades ago…

…got me thinking, so, for last night’s help-me-fall-back-to-sleep list I was inspired to list as much of an alphabet of current or recent (relatively) women singers I dig as I could call to mind:

Allen, Lily and Chirstina Aslguiara
Badu, Erykah
Crowe, Sheryl
Donahue, Patty (I loved The Waitresses)
Feist and Nelly Furtado
G? [Green, Naomi—I forgot but was just reminded of my friend artist Leslie Green's daughter Naomi, a wonderful young Paris-based French/American singer/musician/songwriter who we all will be hearing more from in the coming years I can guarantee]
Hill, Lauryn and Caitlin Hotaling
Ivarsson, Maya
Jones, Norah
Keyes, Alicia
Lohan, Sinead (don’t like the over production on what I’ve heard of her recordings but…)
McKay, Nellie (the new Blossom Dearie in many ways)
Nash, Leigh
O’Connor, Sinead
Phair, Liz and Phranc
Quin, Tegan and Sara
Robin, Janet
Schutz, Rachel and Jill Scott
Tedeschi, Susan
Utter, Sarah
Vega, Suzzane
Williams, Lucinda
Yasuda, Toko


RJ Eskow said...

You know a lot more of these new acts than I do, I'm sorry to say. I don't know how you do it ...

Lally said...

Friends turn me on to stuff basically. And sometimes I stumble on to new sounds on my own.

AlamedaTom said...

Oh yeah! Take this:

A: Tori Amos
B: Sara Bareilles, Pat Benatar
C: Dixie Chicks, Kasey Chambers, Tracy Chapman, Betty Carter
D: Blossom Dearie, Duffy, Sandy Denny
E: Gloria Estefan, Melissa Etheridge
F: Ella Fitzgerald
G: Patty Griffen
H: Emmylou Harris
I: Indigo Girls
J: Nora Jones, Rickie Lee Jones
K: Alison Krauss , Diana Krall, Gladys Knight
L: k.d. lang
M: Joni Mitchell, Sarah McLachlan, Aimee Mann
N: Anna Nalick, Laura Nyro
0: Joan Osborne
P: Pretenders (Crissy Hynde)
R: Linda Ronstadt, Susheela Raman, Annie Ross
S: Alice Smith, Sade, Sia, Nina Simone
T: Mia Doi Todd
U: Carrie Underwood (Country, but the girl can sing!)
V: Sarah Vaughan
W: Amy Winehouse, Dinah Washington, Nancy Wilson
Y: Rachael Yamagata

Lally said...

Nice work Tom, I thought of several of them but was trying to avoid obvious singers who'd been around for awhile (though I can never resist Sinead O'Connor). But I hear ya brother.

Lally said...

Someone I just got turned on to I should have included is Neko Case. Check her more recent stuff out. Very powerful and pretty unique and interesting.