Sunday, February 8, 2009


So let me get this straight. Over the past eight years, if the Democrats didn't go along with legislation that Bush Junior and his administration and Republican rightwing allies were pushing with no room for or willingness to make any compromises, the Dems were not only "playing politics as usual" and obstructing a "bipartisan effort" but actually nothing less than "traitors."

And that was the response even when a good portion of Democrats in Congress went along with much of the Bush Junior legislation, for fear of being tarred with the "traitor" brush.

Now, President Obama and his administration and Democratic Party allies (not the left though, who wanted more than Obama has pushed for) actually make a whole heap of compromises (like cutting the Hollywood spending which would have actually not only kept but created jobs in the industry that right now is the biggest exporter of "American" goods in the country, the entertainment biz) that most in the Democratic Party think went too far, bending over backwards to accommodate Republican objections.

But despite Obama's and the Democratic Party's compromises, the Republicans almost to a person refuse to take part in any bipartisan effort and instead vote against it en masse in the Congress and almost totally in the Senate (which if they hadn't lost a couple of members to the bill they could have blocked from ever getting passed) and instead of them now being the ones "playing politics" and actually, unlike the Bush Junior bills, jeopardizing the welfare and security of our country by voting against measures that could help save it from economic catastrophe the size and scope of which we've never seen before, they, the Repubs, want to call the Dems for not being "bipartisan"!

The "logic" the righwing uses in this country is a direct rip off of the "Big Brother" logic of the old Soviet system first perfected by the Nazis. What you just saw and experienced with your own eyes and the rest of your senses is nothing but lies and what we (the rightwing) tell you is the truth even if it contradicts reality is the only truth.

Just so we're clear.


Anonymous said...

Re "Public Servants":

US Attorney Probed RNC Chairman for Financial Fraud

(It looks like the Bush Justice Department conveniently buried this.)

JIm said...

I am unaware of anyone in President George W. Bush's administration and or any congressional Republican who called Demorcats traitors. Maybe you could enlighten us with a few names and quotes.

The house bill was put together by Pelosie with zero Republican imput. The Senate bill mirrors the House by 90%. So much for bipartisamship. Even Pres. Obama dismisses the need for bipartisanship with "We Won". There is nothing wrong with that, but do not claim any bipartisanship.

"Big Brother" free speech rules seem to be coming to us, not from Republicans, but from Democrats. Debbie Stabenow of Michigan says she will be having hearings soon. Democrat's idea of reinstituting the "Fairness Doctrine", is that bureaucrats will decide what and who can say anything on the public airways. This is not new for Democrats. Woodrow Wilson's administration was the most egriegious in the last 100 years, with his fascist policies. I think the current crop of Democrats with Pres. Obama as the leader might possibly surpass Woodrow.

JIm said...

Michael Steele has done a document dump at the FBI and asked them to investigate. Somehow that does sound like the actions of a guilty man. Do you think Rangel, Dodd, Frank and Jefferson would follow Steele's lead??? NOT!!!!!!