Friday, March 20, 2009


I didn't know her, but have friends who did.

Every one of them says she was as beautiful in person, and as beautiful a person, as she appears to be in photographs and in the stories these friends tell.

I knew her only from her work as an actress, which was impeccable, original, and unforgettable even in the most commercial vehicles—like the remake of THE PARENT TRAP with the young Lindsay Lohan playing the separated twins and Richardson her mother, a character with so many nuances to her personality, at times it elevates the film and its totally improbable plot from PG froth to poignant family drama.

How sad, and how sorry I feel, and I'm sure you do too, for her family, especially her husband and their children.

May we all appreciate our families each day as if it might be our last, as obviously one day it will be.

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Curtis Faville said...

You never know when or how you're going to go.

My Stepfather and Son both died in automobile crashes.

You have to mean what you say to people, because you may not get the chance to set things right before the (unexpected) end.