Friday, March 27, 2009


The rightwingers seem to be panicking in the face of Obama's popularity and more so his reasonableness. They have to ratchet up the faux stakes in order to rouse their base against the progress he's making and the hypocrisy he's exposing of theirs (e.g. the market's response is all important, unless it responds positively to an Obama speech or policy, etc.)

But the best response anyone has come up with lately to all this can be found on RJ Eskow's blog, nightlight. Check this out. RJ's not only accurate and articulate, he's funny.

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JIm said...

Obama's popularity continues to lag Reagan, Carter, Clinton and George W. at this point in their presidency. Obamanomics can best be judged by the weakness in the dollar, the strength in the price of gold and the agitation of the US's trading partners who are saying the huge spending spree that the Democrat's are embarking on will lead to ruin. As was said yerterday, the US is not economically strong enough to meet the minimum requirements for admission to the European Union.