Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Some folks have commented on my new profile photo. It's a candid shot taken when I wasn't aware of the camera in the local "reservation"—kind of a nature preserve at the top of the "mountain" we live at the foot of. Not the way I see myself, but I guess the way I sometimes appear to others.

It was shot by my friend Torre Claesson, a Swedish neighbor who's a kind of renaissance man in his way—dynamite guitar player and creative director in the ad biz, but also an interesting photographer. I added his blog—MY EYE AND I—to my recommended list down to the right, check it out. The shot of a snowy NYC street was taken as we walked down Seventh Avenue yesterday morning together from Penn Station.


Anonymous said...

Michael, this photo looks like Norman Fuckin' Mailer, not you

Lally said...

I knew Norman Mailer, and let me tell you, I'm no Norman Mailer! Or words to that effect.