Saturday, August 1, 2009


Here's an article that says it all.


Butch in Waukegan said...

Here's an informed perspective on money and healthcare.

Especially interesting is the doctor's experience of government interference with patient care vs. insurance companies' interference.

JIm said...

Your link is just another liberal attach on profits. Profit is not a dirty word. Profit is what has made the American life so appealing that people come from the four corners of it to participate.

The Obama led Democrats move to destroy the American way of life has been slowed slightly. Thank God for small favors. The danger is still high. In a move to provide health care for a bogus 47 million non insured, made up of people temporarily in between jobs, illegal aliens, people who make over $75, 000 who do not wish to pay for their insurance, and young people in good health, who could buy inexpensive insurance but choose not to and the genuinely poor people, Obama would destroy a system that works fairly well for 80% of the population. According to the last census the genuinely poor people who can not afford insurance number approximately 20-27 million. The American way of life and the best and most innovative health system that has the best health outcomes of any in the world can be preserved without rationing, huge out of control expense that comes with anything the government runs, while preserving individual choice, and encouraging the best and brightest to enter the medical field, by tweaking the existing system.

Some logical and non crippling and non socialist reforms are:
1-Open interstate competition for insurance companies
2-Do away with pre existing conditions by making it easier to join large groups within a state.
3-Make health insurance mandatory like car insurance but also have high to very high deductibles available which are very inexpensive
4-Cap malpractice awards, possibly with $1-3 million maximum award for the most egregious injury. It is not unusual for doctors to spend $100-200,000 in yearly premiums.
5-Establish tax deductible savings account
6-Establish medical food stamps for the truly poor US citizens.

bernard hackett said...

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