Thursday, August 20, 2009


Got turned on to these three Japanese women by a notice in last Sunday's NY Times and checked them out on YouTube and was blown away. This link will take you to one clip that shows how terrific the bassist is, and there's others that show the guitarist's chops, but it's the drummer that blew me away. Best thing I've seen/heard since Ginger Baker.

They play a jazz riff influenced minimalist kind of punk sound barrage and must be something in person. Takes me back a few decades to downtown Manhattan. But there's a quality in their synchronocity that creates that one organism kind of ability to make subtle incremental changes that only the tightest groups ever achieve (you can see it more on some of the longer clips on YouTube if you can listen long enough, it's not everybody's taste, I know).

Some dedicated musicians though. And not a bad soundtrack for current events.

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Tore Claesson said...

That's totally cool. I love it, thanks for pointing me in their direction. I saw stuff like this when i lived in tokyo and even jammed with a band in front of a sizable crowd in a club in Shibuya, where some of these girls videos were shot.